Superior General

Sister Leonie-Martha O`Karaga,
HHCJ Superior General

Group Picture of the Leaders of HHCJ
From L to R:
Sr. Brigid Nta, Assistant General
Sr. Marie Louise Azide, Vicar General
Sr. Leonie-Martha Okaraga, Superior General
Sr. Anastasia Njoku, Assistant General.
Sr. Elizabeth Anderson, Assistant General

The Congregation of the Handmaids of the Holy Child Jesus has a Central Leadership Team consisting the Superior General, Sister Leonie-Martha O`Karaga, HHCJ , her Vicar, Sister Marie-Louise Azide, HHCJ, and three Assistants General namely; Sister Elizabeth Anderson, HHCJ, Sister Anastasia Njoku, HHCJ, and Sister Brigid Nta, HHCJ.
Their ministry is that of service to the whole Congregation through the example of Mary, the first Handmaid, who though honoured by God humbled herself.

As a result of its growth in numerical strength and geographical spread, the 7th General Chapter of the Congregation (8th – 26th March, 1996) mandated that the Congregation be divided into Provinces for Effective Administration and Apostolic Ministry.  Consequently, four Provinces were created as follows – three in Nigeria and one in Ghana and these are known as:

1. Central Eastern Province
Sister Philomena Madu, HHCJ - Provincial Superior
Sister Caroline Muo, HHCJ - Provincial Vicar
Sister Eunice Okafor, HHCJ - Councillor
Sister Mary Okwuosa, HHCJ - Councillor
Sister Brigid Kpeden, HHCJ - Councillor

2. Ghana Province
Sister Germaine Ocansey, HHCJ - Provincial Superior
Sister Mary Louisa Bediako-Asare, HHCJ - Provincial Vicar
Sister Juliana Gyamfi, HHCJ - Councillor
Sister Theresa Pomaa Sarfo, HHCJ - Councillor
Sister Ignatia Buaben, HHCJ - Councillor

3. North Western Province
Sister Justina Obiajunwa, HHCJ - Provincial Superior
Sister Anthonia Uche, HHCJ - Provincial Vicar
Sister Rosemary Ukata, HHCJ - Councillor
Sister Osheiza Anne Otonoku, HHCJ - Councillor
Sister Agnes Ijoko, HHCJ - Councillor

4. South Eastern Province
Sister Ngozi Frances Uti, HHCJ - Provincial Superior
Sister Lawrencia Essien, HHCJ - Provincial Vicar
Sister Theresa Ashi, HHCJ - Councillor
Sister Stella Usen, HHCJ - Councillor
Sister Mildred Udoh, HHCJ - Councillor

At the 9th General Chapter, Kenya Region was created.
Sister Rosemary Chiemeke, HHCJ - Regional Superior
Sister Augustina Ngwu, HHCJ - Councillor
Sister Collette Ndunelu, HHCJ - Councillor

Its international and inter-tribal nature continues as members are drawn from all parts of Nigeria, Cameroon, Togo, Ghana, Sierra Leone, England, and Kenya.  Presently, the Congregation has houses in Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Togo, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Italy, Germany, London, the United States of America and Canada.

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